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What are the daily maintenance methods for electric heaters?

2020-04-26 08:45:23

Electric heater is a kind of electric energy consumption converted into heat energy, used to heat the material to be heated. During the work, the low-temperature fluid medium enters its input port through the pipeline under pressure, along the specific heat exchange flow path inside the electric heating vessel, using the path designed by the principles of fluid thermodynamics, to take away the high-temperature thermal energy generated by the operation of the electric heating element. The temperature of the heated medium is increased, and the outlet of the electric heater obtains the high-temperature medium required by the process.

The internal control system of the electric heater automatically adjusts the output power of the electric heater according to the temperature sensor signal of the output port to make the medium temperature of the output port uniform; when the heating element is over temperature, the independent overheating protection device of the heating element immediately cuts off the heating power, To avoid coking, deterioration and carbonization caused by overheating of heating materials, the heating elements will be burned out in serious cases, effectively prolonging the service life of electric heaters.

The electric heater is an internationally popular high-quality long-life electric heating device, which is mainly used to heat the substance to be heated and convert the electrical energy into thermal energy. A new type of heating device. The electric heater resistance wire is made of Made of nickel and chromium alloy, the temperature is up to above 800 ℃.

It is mainly composed of three sets of electric heating tubes with stainless steel shells. They are all installed on the tube plate. If you need to change the electric heating tube, you should first open the protective cover at the end, and then unscrew the compression nut correctly. Faction-time decision to participate. Although Chavez's political party votes were reduced compared with two years ago, he still received votes and one of the parliamentary seats. The opposition coalition received votes and seats in parliament. Then remove the flexible wire on the electric heating tube, so that the electric heating tube can be pulled out for quick replacement.

The life of any electric heater cannot be unlimited, some of their parts will gradually wear out, corrode, scratch, oxidize, age, deform, etc. during use, so daily maintenance of electric heaters is essential , Tank-type electric heater to reduce unnecessary failures. The electric heater is a special industrial furnace that is safe, efficient, energy-saving, low-pressure, and can provide high-temperature heat energy. It uses heat-conducting oil as the heat carrier, circulates the heat carrier through the heat oil pump, and transfers the heat to the heat-using equipment.

During maintenance, dust accumulation in electrical control cabinets should be avoided, and compressed air should be used to purge frequently to ensure good electrical contact. The electric heater should not exceed the high allowable temperature. Generally, the heat conducting oil is sampled and tested once every two to three months after half a year of use, and pay attention not to mix different oil products. At the same time, the temperature measuring instrument should also be checked frequently, and regular measurement should be carried out to prevent the thermal resistance of the temperature measuring node from increasing, resulting in incorrect operation due to inaccurate temperature.


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