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Does the explosion-proof electric heater have a long service life?

2020-04-30 08:45:23


Explosion-proof electric heaters are used in electrical appliances with good quality and performance, and the service life of such heaters is also common in the world. The material is made of materials that do not transfer heat, so that there will be no burns during use. This heater is an electrical appliance that consumes electricity. After the material is energized, it is heated to heat other objects. The tradition is also a lot of seeing after 80s and 70s should be very familiar, yes that is the use of heaters to boil water. However, those traditional designs are not very safe to use and have a single function.

The current explosion-proof electric heater can not only be used in many heating functions, but also use the internal circulation of electricity, which not only saves electricity consumption, but also can heat the required items faster, many industries or public Among the thermal insulation equipment, such heating materials are used, high efficiency, fast heating, safe and fast is a kind of heating equipment that many factory life and other aspects will use.


During the high-temperature operation of the explosion-proof electric heater, if there is a sudden power failure or other failures that require emergency shutdown of the furnace, the fuel supply should be quickly turned off, and the burner should be moved away along the hinge axis of the burner to allow natural ventilation between the furnace and the chimney The heat storage in the furnace is dissipated to avoid the heat transfer oil still in the furnace tube absorbing the heat storage in the furnace and increasing the temperature, which exceeds the allowable temperature value of the heat transfer oil.

Before the normal point explosion-proof electric heater, please confirm whether the piping system and fuel supply system are normal again, and then turn on the control button to confirm that the switches are closed; turn on the power button, the control cabinet is energized, the temperature controller displays normal, choose to open Circulation pump, confirm whether the switch status before and after the circulation pump is correct, start the circulation pump, and set the temperature of the temperature controller; turn on the burner, put the boiler operation in the automatic operation file, and the heat transfer oil furnace is put into the fully automatic operation state.


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