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What are the methods of testing electric heaters?

2020-05-06 08:45:06

The electric heater is an internationally popular high-quality long-life electric heating device, which is mainly used to heat the substances to be heated and convert electric energy into heat. It is a new type of heating device. The resistance wire of electric heater is made of nickel and chromium alloy, and the temperature is up to 800 ℃. It is mainly composed of three sets of electric heating tubes with stainless steel shells. They are all installed on the tube plate. If the electric heating tubes need to be replaced, the protective cover at the end should be opened first and then screwed down correctly. Tighten the nut and remove the flexible wire so that it can be pulled out for quick replacement.

People who have used explosion-proof electric heaters will probably encounter the peculiar smell that occurs after the electric heater is used for a period of time.

In general, everyone will think that the main reason for the occurrence of odor is the phenomenon of scale after the electric heater is used for a period of time. The appearance of scale will not only reduce the heating performance of the electric heater for a long time. Cause unnecessary harm to the body. Therefore, the cleaning of the explosion-proof electric heater becomes extremely important, but the water tank of the electric heater will be larger, and the use range of the cleaning port is limited. For magnesium rod replacement, the general replacement time is one to two years.

It depends on the structure of the electric heater. The frequency converter can only change the frequency of the alternating current, thereby changing the rotation speed of the motor, so as to change the output power of the motor. The heater does not rotate, and the frequency conversion cannot control the heating speed.

There are two simple methods:

1. Use diode half-wave rectification to change the effective value of alternating current to achieve the purpose of changing heating power and heating speed; this method has many applications, and its advantage is that the circuit structure is simple and easy to operate.

2. Transform the voltage by using a small transformer. The advantage is that it can be adjusted in multiple stages. The disadvantage is that the circuit structure is more complicated and the production cost is high.


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