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What are the ways to prevent fires in explosion-proof electric heaters?

2020-05-07 08:45:57

The main function of the explosion-proof electric heater is to heat the liquid in a short period of time. However, even the best equipment will inevitably cause some failures after long-term use or improper use.

For example, the explosion-proof electric heater will not be able to heat after a period of use, most likely because the internal heating wire is broken or bad contact, if it is broken, just connect or replace it with a new one, but If it is poor contact, you need to reconnect the circuit.

There is also a more serious phenomenon of the leakage of the explosion-proof electric heater. To determine the specific location of the leakage, if it is the leakage of the electric heater, it can be baked in the oven. If the effect is not very obvious, the electric heater must be replaced. If the leakage of the insulation of the wire is caused by the insulation tape wrapped around it. In any case, you must pay attention to your personal safety. If you do n’t know much about these, you still need to find professional personnel for maintenance.

Explosion-proof electric heaters convert electrical energy into thermal energy to heat objects. It is a form of electric energy utilization. Compared with general fuel heating, electric heating can obtain a higher temperature (such as arc heating, the temperature can reach more than 3000 ℃), easy to realize automatic temperature control and remote control, (such as on-board electric heating cup) can be used as required Heating objects maintain a certain temperature distribution.

Electric heating can directly generate heat inside the object to be heated, so it has high thermal efficiency and fast heating speed, and can achieve overall uniform heating or local heating (including surface heating) according to the heating process requirements, which is easy to achieve vacuum heating and controlled atmosphere heating. During the electric heating process, there is less exhaust gas, residues and smoke, which can keep the heated objects clean and do not pollute the environment. Therefore, electric heating is widely used in the fields of production, scientific research and experiment. Especially in the manufacture of single crystals and transistors, the quenching of mechanical parts and surfaces, the melting of iron alloys, and the manufacture of artificial graphite, electric heating methods are used.

Electric heating is generally divided into resistance heating, induction heating, arc heating, electron beam heating, infrared heating, and medium heating according to the different ways of electrical energy conversion.

Because the power of explosion-proof electric heaters is relatively large, if users ignore safety, fire may occur at any time. So in order to avoid fire, we usually have to do the following:

1. It is strictly prohibited to place energized explosion-proof electric heaters on combustibles or near combustibles;

2. The electric heating tube should be correctly installed with plugs. It is strictly forbidden to insert the wire end directly into the socket, otherwise it will cause a short circuit and cause a fire;

3. The user must cut off the power of the device when leaving;

4. The resistance wire cannot be used after being repaired more than three times, otherwise it will cause overload of the line and cause fire.

5. The safe cut-off flow of the electric heating tube wire must meet the capacity requirements of the electric heating tube.



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