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Explosion-proof (waterproof) heater

Explosion-proof (waterproof) heater

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  • Release date:2020-05-07 11:00:50
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Model: JRQ-III-3

Size: 600 * 460 * 150mm

Voltage: 220 ± 10%

Power: 1000W ~ 2500W

Explosion-proof electric heater is a kind of electric energy consumption is converted into heat energy to heat the material to be heated. During operation, the low-temperature fluid medium enters its input port through the pipeline under pressure, along the specific heat exchange flow path inside the electric heating vessel, using the path designed by the principles of fluid thermodynamics, to take away the high-temperature thermal energy generated during the operation of the electric heating element. The temperature of the heated medium is increased, and the outlet of the electric heater obtains the high-temperature medium required by the process. The internal control system of the electric heater automatically adjusts the output power of the electric heater according to the temperature sensor signal of the output port to make the medium temperature of the output port uniform; when the heating element is over temperature, the independent overheating protection device of the heating element immediately cuts off the heating power to avoid Overheating of the heating material causes coking, deterioration, carbonization, and in severe cases, the heating element burns out, effectively extending the service life of the electric heater.


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