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SRK drilling platform footboard heater

SRK drilling platform footboard heater

  • category:Explosion-proof Heater
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  • Release date:2020-05-07 10:58:24
  • Product description

Model: GDKR-15A

Size: 600 * 400 * 50mm

Voltage: 36V, 220V ± 10%

Power: 600W ~ 800W

SRK drilling platform footboard heater is made of aluminum alloy material, metal tubular electric heating element, metal chrome-plated protective cover, temperature controller and other main materials. Its characteristics are: no noise, no smoke, uniform temperature and softness, and no dryness when heated. It also has the advantages of high mechanical strength, long service life, easy installation and beautiful appearance.

This product can be used for winter heat preservation in field work vehicles, mobile board houses and hotel rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, heating rooms and other places.

This product adopts waterproof design, safe voltage power supply, safe and reliable, and the circuit connection part is connected by air socket, which is fast and convenient. Mainly used for heating under the feet of the drill operator of the oil drilling team, and can also be used for heating the personnel on the second floor of the drilling rig to improve the working environment of the workers


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